Don's greatest contribution here, from the
perspective of architectural history, is his focus
on typology. By identifying and documenting
artist-made houses as a genre, Don helps us
understand the inter-connections of environment
and form in new ways. By examining the spaces
inhabited by these artists, we can see how
artists' practices are informed by immersion in
worlds of their own making. Don's attention to
color, light, texture, form, and materials allows us
to occupy these spaces along with the artists;
we therefore see and feel the constituent
parts of the creative process as they coalesce
into the products of artistic creation. Art House
reconnects art with its architectural context, a
recurrent theme in the history of art and
architecture. Don's work reminds us of the origins
of art works within the all-encompassing architectural
environment, and Art House demonstrates that
works of art are not separate from the place
in which they originate, even in our modern world.
As a teacher, I look forward to showing Don's film
to my students, to emphasize the unity of art
production within its context.

- Jon Ritter, Ph.DhD, College of Arts and Science,
Department of Art History, New York University.

When Don Freeman moves his camera slowly
through the rooms of the artists’ houses in
Art House he does what words cannot-- he evokes
the creative magic that animated each of them.
Art House is Freeman’s own durable work of art.

Elizabeth Pochoda
The Magazine ANTIQUES

Because the film does not depend on an
encompassing narrative, one could
start watching anywhere without failing to grasp
the essence of the film’s subject or its unique
aesthetic. There is a timeless quality in the film’s
manner of documentation. It floats as if out of
time. It is at once intensely retrospective and
passionately forward-looking: the documentation
of the past meets the zeal of preservation, but
at a relaxed pace of thorough contemplation. It
belongs in a museum (the MOMA, perhaps)
playing on loop. Art House is a documentary of
art. It is also a work of art.

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